Iron Maiden Fan Club Shirt 2018

The fan club shirt for 2018. It actually looks like it is written 2015 next  to the copyright. Not sure if it is a missprint or if the printing just is bad.


Montage Shirt

This is another one of those exclusive designs from the official Maiden web Store. The shirt was called “Montage” at the web side. It contains of a montage of the three singels released for “The Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” album.

Hallowed Be Thy Name Bootleg Shirt

This is a bootleg shirt with the “Hallowed Be Thy Name Live” motive plus “Don’t Walk” and “Fear of the Dark Live” at the buttom. The back is just the same as the front in black&white. I belive my mom gave it to me around 1993. She always used to by my a Iron Maiden shirt if she saw one in a marked or somethink like that.